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April Phool’s Sealed Video

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Phooling around is an art finely tuned. Mystery packs await and a good time is guaranteed. Join me on my April Phool’s Sealed journey!

Playing with Esper

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Tournament Talk: Grand Prix Barcelona

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Today I want to cover my participation in the GP Barcelona tournament. The format for the tournament was easily my favorite: Team Sealed! The format’s teamwork and the sense of camaraderie easily outweigh the negatives, though it does bring with it a number of unique challenges. Team Sealed requires much more careful deckbuilding than normal sealed. Normally, when I sit down to build a Sealed deck, I feel I have enough time to carefully weigh my various options, coming very close to an optimal build. With team sealed, the scant 60 minutes allotted for building fly by, and you often feel inundated with the sheer number of options.

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Tournament Talk Episode 2: Pro Tour BNG, Part 2

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Last time, I covered the constructed portion of Pro Tour Born of the Gods. While experimenting with Modern was exciting, I was far more interested in the draft portion of the tournament. I playtested extensively, getting in about 20 drafts before the Pro Tour, a respectable amount given my split focus. I quickly discovered that BNG had sped up the format a bit, which was especially interesting since losing a pack of Theros meant fewer Ordeals. …

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Tournament Talk Episode 1: Pro Tour BNG

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My time on the Magic tournament circuit has left me with far more interesting experiences than time to write about them. Therefore, I have decided to shift focus from individual matches to deck choices, format opinions, and overall impressions, as I don’t want to give inaccurate descriptions of individual games that happened a while back. I believe this macro level analysis will be just as informative and entertaining.

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