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Reviewing M15 through GP Salt Lake City

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Hi everyone!

Recently GP Salt Lake City put M15 limited on the big stage once more. After exploring the format and gaining a lot of experience with both Sealed and Draft, I can conclude that these formats are quite different. Overall, M15 is a pretty good set with interesting interactions and synergies to be built around, but has one main flaw: overpowered cards at each rarity. These oppressively good cards can win games alone.

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How to Think When Thinking About Magic

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I recently read Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking, a collection of stories that form a picture of what the human mind does with first impressions. Gladwell argues that unconscious clues in these initial moments greatly influence a person’s opinions, leading to priming and better decision making. Today, I’ll discuss how priming and subconscious thinking can impact how we think about Magic.

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WMCQ Top 8 with Mono Blue Devotion

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Hi, everyone!

This past weekend, I played Mono Blue Devotion at the first of three WMCQs. I ended up undefeated in the Swiss, making it all the way to the quarterfinals. Here’s the list I ran:

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Taking Second at GP Portland

Eric Severson's picture

My name is Eric Severson. I’m an aspiring pro Magic player from Berkeley who just had a great run in the latest team Grand Prix in Portland, along with my friends Ben Weitz and Josiah Skallerup. Qualifying for the first Pro Tour of this season, winning a ticket to Hawaii, and getting a head start in the Pro Points race felt fantastic, but sharing it with my friends made it even greater.

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M15 #1/VMA #4 Combo Draft Video

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What’s better than draft? Two drafts in two formats!

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Vintage Masters Draft Primer

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I’m always excited to draft Magic 2015, I’d be lying if I told you there wasn’t another format that’s been consuming my time and attention. When I wasn’t practicing Modern for GP Boston, I was drafting Vintage Masters (VMA). The set is incredibly deep and fun, and it just keeps getting better. Archetypes have emerged and matured since the format’s release in June, and there’s a pretty clear metagaming of draft archetypes, very similar to what you find in constructed formats.

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