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Top 4 at GP Providence

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Providence was the 14th Grand Prix I attended in the last year. It started with making the finals of GP Portland last August. With 5 Pro Points and an invite to the first Pro Tour of this season, I decided to make a dedicated effort to break into the professional Magic scene. I would attend as many Grand Prix as possible, hoping to reach the 20 Pro Points needed for Silver. After months flying around the country, I had been consistently making Day 2, but always falling a few rounds short making the Top 8.

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GP San Jose Report by Tristan Killeen

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If you’re like me, playing Magic only gets better with friends. While local drafts and casual play are fun, competing for high stakes just can’t be matched. This makes Team Limited GPs (alongside Pro Tours) my favorite type of Magic event. I’m willing to travel far and wide to attend one, but luckily I only needed to drive one hour to attend Grand Prix San Jose at the end of January.

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Post-Release FRF Limited Review Wrap-Up

Neal Oliver's picture

I hope you’ve enjoyed my set review, and have learned a thing or two about the new cards or at least thought about them in a different way. Today I’ll wrap up the final cards, and then have some early analysis of the new limited format.

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Post-Release FRF Limited Review: Green

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Today we round out our initial look at the limited ratings of Fate Reforged with a survey of the green cards in the set.

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Post-Release FRF Limited Review: Red

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Today, we’ll dash through the red cards from Fate Reforged and see how good they are in limited play.

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Post-Release FRF Limited Review: Black

Neal Oliver's picture

I’ll be continuing my review of all Fate Reforged cards for limited today by looking at the black cards.

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Post-Release FRF Limited Review: Blue

Neal Oliver's picture

Today we’ll continue with the blue set review!

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Post-Release FRF Limited Review: White

Neal Oliver's picture

I had a blast playing in the Fate Reforged prerelease and drafting nonstop during the release weekend. Now that I’ve done around 15 drafts with the new set, I’ve started to form some opinions about the cards and how the games play out. The format has certainly sped up quite a bit, but there are still a variety of viable strategies. Let’s get to it by starting with the white cards!

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How to Prepare for a Grand Prix

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In an attempt to help contribute to the ever present question “How can I improve at Magic?” today I want to break down how to approach preparing for Grand Prix tournaments. This should be very helpful for any aspiring players looking to get to the Pro Tour. I’ll include some tips and tricks to help give you the best chance at spiking your next Grand Prix!

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Holiday Cube Draft with Tristan Killeen

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