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Team Magic Traders PT Khans Testing

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Hi everyone!

PT Khans of Trakir may have taken place in beautiful Hawaii, but a lot of the proverbial blood, sweat and tears went into preparation for the tournament. This was a very special Pro Tour for me because I got to work with some very talented local players who brought a fresh passion to the Pro Tour scene: Ben Weitz, Eric Severson, Josiah Skallerup, Chris Akers, and Joseph Pei — plus our honorary member, Tristan Killeen, who helped immensely even though he wasn’t qualified.

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8-Dragon: Attacking KTK Standard

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GP LA was a blast, and for me made even better by how well Team Magic Traders did collectively. We’re really starting to build an all-star cast, and it’s all thanks to both the incredible talent of the players we have locally and the constant community support. Thank you everyone that follows myself and Team Magic Traders, and again thank you to everyone we’ve played against week after week.

For this GP, I decided to play RG 8-Dragon. This is the same Standard deck I played at PT Khans, with a few changes. Here’s the list:

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Grand Prix Los Angeles

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Excited, sick, and then euphoric. This is the roller coaster of emotions I felt going into Round 15 of Grand Prix Los Angeles. Excitement over the chance to play for Top 8 against Hall of Famer Brian Kibler. Sick to my stomach that my plays could have just cost me the game. And finally—euphoric over the win. You can watch the match on and imagine the corresponding emotions where appropriate. My name is Eric Pei, and I’ve been playing Magic for almost four years.

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Innistrad Flashback Draft

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Time for some horrific fun with this Innistrad flashback draft!

KTK Limited: Where Morphs Khan’t Disappoint

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I think it’s safe to say I wasn’t the only one excited for Khans of Tarkir, after its Prerelase Weekend set new attendance and sales records at Eudemonia here in Berkeley. And with reprinted fetchlands, long-awaited wedges, and interesting mechanics both new and old, it’s not hard to see why. It’s too early to say much about Khans Standard, but I do have some advice to share about the Limited environment, in advance of the upcoming Sealed PTQ and GPT events at Eudemonia this weekend.

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Neal Oliver Playing Cube

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Time for some cubing before Khans!