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Crafting Secret Plans in Ottawa

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Hi everyone!

I had an amazing trip to Ottawa, full of great times and Magic. You can read my report about the non-Magical journey on, but for now, let’s jump right into the Magic!

Here’s the list of cards I was handed after my sleep-in special:

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KTK #5 with Chris Akers

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KTK #4 with Ben Weitz

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Team Sealed in Nashville: 18th Place

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I recently had a blast playing Team Sealed at GP Nashville. I am on record saying that Team Sealed is the sweetest tournament Magic format. Not only do you get to plan with your friends, but as a Limited style it has way lower variance. You’ll almost always have three playable decks, since across twelve packs you rarely have that many unplayables. Certainly, good rares and uncommons will lead some decks a cut above the rest, but the more skilled team will generally win.

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KTK #2 with Sam Sherman

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KTK with fellow local player Sam Sherman!

How to Play Your Morphs

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I mentioned a while back that Morphs Khan’t Disappoint, but that we’d have to wait and see how they should be sequenced. I stated that correct sequencing would be dependent on both which morphs we have in hand and what the board state is. While this does hold true, I’ve practiced enough KTK limited to have a good grasp on which morphs to play first in different situations. Let’s look at some examples:

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GP Orlando Retrospective and Khans Lessons

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It has been an awesome travel season for me. After participating in GP Orlando, PT Khans, and GP LA, I have quite the stockpile of stories, experiences, and lessons for your education and bemusement. GP Orlando was my first stop, and the format was Khans Limited. Khans of Tarkir had just been released, and it was like the wild west trying to figure out which cards were best, how to build a strong Sealed, and what Draft archetypes worked.

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KTK #2 with Tristan Killeen

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KTK with cohost and fellow local player Tristan Killeen!

Team Magic Traders PT Khans Testing

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PT Khans of Trakir might have taken place in serene Hawaii, but it was blood, sweat, and tears that got us there. This was a very special Pro Tour for me, as the new Team Magic Traders brought both fresh skill and passion to the Pro Tour scene. Ben Weitz, Eric Severson, Josiah Skallerup, Chris Akers, and Joseph Pei stood with me in the ranks of the Pro Tour. Even though he didn’t qualify, honorary member Tristan Killeen also helped immensely. We started meeting up and brewing immediately after Khans spoilers were posted. We knew this early start would be incredibly important.

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KTK #1 Video

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Join us for a new adventure into Khans!